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Why the hell isn't remote work the default in tech? I'm seriously at a loss. It's 2020. We can do this. I know we wanted flying cars, but seriously, I'd much rather have remote work. No commutes. Live anywhere (i.e. affordable cost of living). Sanity. Why isn't it happening?


Indie Hacker hack: 1. Find an influencer. 2. Build what they need.


My heart kind of stops every time I see someone else building a writing app. There are 7.5 billion people on earth, Corey. Chill.


@jborichevskiy "Tooling" isn't the problem nor is culture. I’ve been collaborating on the internet with strangers for 20 years — IRC to AIM to TeamSpeak to GChat to Slack. We had culture. We got things done. I think what's missing is trust and guts.


@bkrudy I'm just envisioning this future where companies now hire talent from anywhere. And now local economies are booming as professionals work from local spaces, businesses, etc. I certainly don't discount the value of presence and being together, but we can collaborate online.


@DesignByKyle Ya, is it "this is how we've always done things" or maybe a fear of loss of control?


@Ezekiel_Martini I had the fortune to explore building such a solution. Absolutely loved working in @BigscreenVR — undeniable the value of presence being w someone halfway around the world. It can be done today but cost + wearing a headset for longer two hours every day is silly. One day! 🤞


@aleckhoury @DesignByKyle Which is sad.



Corey Gwin
@corey_gwin · January 30, 2020

.@HasuraHQ + @8base + @prisma + @contentful + a better @auth0 = 🤤 I don't know what that is but I want it.


@corykeane Exactly the problem and even more reason for remote — autonomy.


@chenosaurus Totally, not all fields or jobs are conducive to remote work. I'm namely talking about Internet-powered software businesses.


@kirbycosmosis Working remotely would be lonely if it weren't for the fellow freelancers I meet up and work with. And I don't deny the improved communication bandwidth achieved with presence. But the capacity + benefits of remote, to literally the world, far outweigh requiring residence.


@Julian @blurtdotapp 

Hazel Clementine 🇦🇷
@clementinehazel · May 28, 2019

Perspective matters.


@GroundControl You can get it done with Slate.js + react-native-webview. Hope to open source some of my work doing so soon!


@matteing Amazingly amazed amazement amazing…


@Julian @blurtdotapp It’s also a disservice to yourself to keep your thoughts from others.


@Mitchell_Earl “Aid.”


@ankurnagpal CC @DiscoverPraxis @Mitchell_Earl



Ankur Nagpal 🔥🔥
@ankurnagpal · February 21, 2020

Why aren't more careers pages run like marketing sites? - Capture email address of prospective candidates - Marketing automation campaigns for candidate engagement - "Launch style" marketing for open roles with a countdown Seems obvious with rising cost per hire


@JT_JoaoTiago 💯